Stop Contraband from Entering Your Facility

Safe, trustworthy, and easy. Inmate Photos is the photo printing service correctional facility staff trust

Eliminate problems with smuggled contraband in photos, issues with theft among inmates, and more. Our photo printing service for correctional facilities keeps the inmate population and your staff members safe.

Reduce the risks entering your facility through the mailroom with our help.

Photos pose a host of psychological benefits for inmates, including offering mental stability and serving as an incentive to get back out in the real world. Photos from loved ones can be a huge part of the rehabilitation process and valuable for the emotional well-being of the inmate. Nevertheless, incoming mailed photos from civilians can pose risks when they are coming from civilians.

Problems with civilian-mailed photos

Civilians may try to smuggle in illegal substances with photos, which puts handling officers at risk of contact harm

Illegal substances smuggled through photos can lead to inmate overdoses, intoxicated inmates posing threats to other inmates and the staff, and illegal trading that leads to debt-related issues and physical confrontations

Unmarked photos can open up problems with theft and fights among inmates.

Allow us to be the solution

With Inmate Photos, civilians never handle the photo sent to the correctional facility, so issues with smuggled contraband and unmarked photos are eliminated.

  • Images are uploaded by civilians digitally via the InmatePhotos.com website or our mobile app
  • Printed photos are then shipped from our fulfillment facility directly to the designated institution
  • We print the inmate’s name and ID number on the back of the photos

Why Partner with Inmate Photos?

Our innovative method allows inmates to receive pictures while eliminating the risks that can be involved for both correctional facility staff and the inmates.

Advantages of our photo fulfillment services for your correctional facility

No Special Equipment Required

You can start using Inmate Photos today—no special equipment or software implementation required. Our photo printing service is meant to be simple and efficient.

Save Time in the Mailroom and Lower Costs

Mail-screening is a time-consuming process. Our photos are trustworthy and pre-screened so your mailroom staff or officers know the mail is safe

No-Spoof Packaging

Don't worry about a civilian creating a mockup of our packaging or photos—we use unique materials for printing and packaging so not just anyone can create a spoof

Heightened Safety for Inmates and Staff

Our printed photos are only handled by us—no subcontractors, third parties, or outside vendors. We create the materials, we know they're safe, so you can ensure safety.