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We offer a range of services designed to assist you in sending various items to inmates. Our services include:

1. Photos: You can send photos to inmates, allowing them to stay connected and share cherished moments with their loved ones.

2. Photo books: Create personalized photo books filled with special memories that can be sent to inmates as a meaningful keepsake.

3. Postcards: Send postcards with personalized messages and photos to inmates, providing a convenient and engaging way to communicate.

4. Puzzles: We offer puzzles that inmates can enjoy, providing a recreational and stimulating activity during their time in incarceration.

5. How-to-draw tutorials: Inmates can explore their artistic skills with our how-to-draw tutorials, which provide step-by-step instructions for various drawings.

6. Cooking recipes: Inmates can enhance their culinary skills with our collection of cooking recipes, enabling them to try new dishes and explore their creativity.

These services are specifically designed to help you maintain a connection with your loved ones who are incarcerated and provide them with opportunities for self-expression, leisure, and personal growth. For further details and specific instructions on utilizing each service, please explore our website or contact our customer support for assistance.

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